First Appearance: 1984
Latest Appearance: The Wookiees 2002
TPR: 94.5   Top25: #5

One of the two surviving members of the original Bravado Entertainment high school crew, Carrie has been with the group since 1993. Her first performance was in the high school adaptation of 1984, in a bit part as a Barney the Dinosaur worshipper. Graduating from high school earlier than the rest of the crew kept her from appearing in the rest of the early movies, so we fast forward three and a half years to the beginning of the show. Carrie jumped at the chance to rejoin the cast, and became one of the four original stars of Delusions of Grandeur. She was the main actress for most of the first two years of the show, with memorable roles such as Scully in the NeXt-Files, Princess Leia in the Star Wars Stop-Motion Theater, and Meg in Irrational Paranoia. Her best roles, though, came after those. Her portrayals as the evil Sith Lord Wilhelmina Tamerlane, and the sweet George in Dead Air showcase her range and are her most popular. Finally, Carrie was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Wookiee Award in 2000 for all of her essential contributions to the early days of the show. Work and life had kept Carrie from being a regular group member until recently, and she is now back to work with us, helping out on the latest Wookiee awards and reprising her role in the final installment of The Jedi.


2000 Wookiee Awards
     ·Lifetime Achievement Award
1998 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor (sketch) - The NeXt-Files

2000 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Supporting Actor (sketch) - The Jedi part 5 - The Jedi Master
1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor (sketch) - Sho-Much Heist
     ·Best Actor (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep32: The Bloopers part 3
     ·Best Director (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep23: Return of the Dork
     ·Best Supporting Actor (sketch) - Dead Air
1998 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Director (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep7: The COMM382 Showcase
     ·Best Supporting Actor (sketch) - Irrational Paranoia

Sith Lord Wilhelmina Tamerlane
The Jedi part 5 - The Jedi Council

Dear Air

The NeXt-Files

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