This section of the site will hopefully someday be a complete archive of all the articles written about (and occasionally by) Bravado Entertainment. Most of our articles are collected here already, but hopefully we'll get the rest soon. So, enjoy what's here now and look forward to more later:

  Festival Focuses on Local Filmmakers

This is an article for the February 5 Entertainer pull-out of the Salem Statesman Journal. The Elsinore Video Festival was coming up that weekend, and this was a little promotional piece. With Popcorn, Odious, and Hollywood Action Film selected to screen, Alan was interviewed for the article.

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  Interview series: is a site designed by Warren and run by Orange Cow Productions' Garrett Gilchrist. It has featured numerous contributions from Warren, KShawn and Jonason - shorts, comic strips, and articles. In an attempt to get Alan more involved, Warren decided to start an interview series with him, covering the usual topics, including the upcoming Jedi part 6. While not the most insightful, most expositional, or the most positively-received interviews ever, um, they're still interviews...

Part 1 | Part 2

  Barometer Articles: 2001 - 2002

KBVR-TV had a lot of little publicity articles over the 2001-2002 school year. While he was not interviewed or anything, Alan and Delusions got mentioned in all of them. So here's a collection of the articles for that year:

Media opportunities await students at OSU
KBVR-TV offers large range of programming
Riding the airwaves

  How to Control Your Own Media Empire on Three Credits Per Term

Yes it's true, Alan did an article for the Barometer. Extolling the virtues of Delusions and doing a pitch for KBVR-TV, the article appeared in the Summer 2001 Headlines and Deadlines edition of the OSU paper. It also featured a behind-the-scenes picture from the production of The End part 2 taken by K. Shawn Edgar.

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  An Almost Perfect Movie?

A review for Perfection Isn't Easy, this originally appeared on in mid 2000. It was written by then-columnist and Rusty Hoot Motion Pictures alum Jared Hargrave. The article chronicles the show (Bravado was unknown to most REwinders at the time), and then discusses the movie. The review is fair and for the most part positive, noting Alan's direction and how amazingly realistically Clarissa portrayed the "cold, diabolical" character. Heh. Read on:

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More information about Perfection Isn't Easy

  KBVR-TV Has Delusions of Grandeur

This is it, the infamous 'Adam' article that caused oh so much trouble. Printed in early 2000 by the Barometer, and full of factual errors (most notably the name thing, of course), it let to the My Name is NOT Adam episode of Delusions of Grandeur and KBVR-TV's subesequent (and short-lived) ban from the paper. A rewritten version was printed over the summer of 2000 for the Headlines and Deadlines special.

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Read the original article

  Amateur Films to Invade Western Colorado Filmfest

An article about Rusty Hoot's 1999 video festival, held at Mesa State College, there's a quick mention of Bravado here. The article was printed in the school paper, the Criterion. We also have the festival's promotional poster.

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See the poster [ .jpg (68KB) ]

  Interview: Out and About

As part of a series of spotlights on other KBVR-TV shows, fellow show Out and About did a segment on Delusions of Grandeur. Alan was interviewed by reporter Mohamed Al-Zabidi, and the episode aired as a promotion for the Vanilla Ice episode.

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  Oregon State University Students Recognized for Films

Our first article in the Barometer, this one was a news item regarding our first film festival selection - Star Wars Stop-Motion Theater 2 in the 1998 ASU Art Museum festival. It was written by Brad Cable, who went on to create Goats in the Mist in Alan's videography class.

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  Bravado Entertainment Celebrates its Sixth Year

Our biggest (and probably best) interview and article, this one was written by Cory Frye for the Entertainer insert of the local newspapers - the Albany Democrat-Herald and Corvallis Gazette-Times. It gathered the high school members of Bravado to interview them as production of Delusions of Grandeur was just beginning.

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Read the interview (warning: long)

  Interview: Tigard High School

A local-ish (about an hour and a half away) high school, a group of students there contacted Alan in 1997 to do an interview for a report they were doing about filmmaking. We have both the interview and finished report:

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Read the report

  Senior's Projects Have Hollywood Element

The very first article, and the first public mention of the name 'Bravado Entertainment', this article was printed in Alan's high school newspaper - South Albany High School's Sentry:

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