Over the years, a lot of our members have had the opportunity to help out on other productions. From KBVR-TV to local productions, to the many collaborative projects produced at amateur moviemaker get-togethers, here's a listing of them all:

  Ghostbusted 3

Orange Cow was back at it again at Camp REwind 2003, creating another Ghostbusters-themed collaborative movie. Ditching the loose improv format that worked so well in GB1 and so poorly in GB2, the tagline for GB3 is 'The Real Ghostbusted'. It features (for the first time) a team of Ghostbusters actually fighting ghosts. Jonason co-stars as a member of the team, Warren appears as a demon master of some sort, and Alan got to run the camera for a few minutes.

  Star Wars Revelations

Shot the final night of Camp REwind 2003, this was actually a project that Linn Productions was working on in order to help out Maryland-based Panic Struck Productions. Also shooting a Star Wars fanfilm, and impressed with Heart of the Rebellion (see below), they asked Marc Linn to contibute something. Since Alan was in town (and working on a Star Wars parody movie of his own, obviously), Marc asked him to appear in the scene. And that's how Gerald Kellerman ended up as a hologram in the hall of great Jedi of the past. Hopefully.

Visit the Star Wars Revelations page at Panic Struck Productions

  The Matrix: Reprecussions

A Matrix fanfilm produced by Rapid City, SD-based Malamute productions, this movie was another of the many in production during Camp REwind 2003. Many of the campers joined in on the dance club scene, including Bravado members Alan, Erin, Warren, Jonason and Carrie.

Visit the Matrix:Reprecussions page at Malamute Pictures

  Star Wars: Heart of the Rebellion

The big project for the 2002 Camp REwind, this is Linn Productions' ultimate Star Wars fan film. The movie features actors from all of the amateur groups all over the world. Warren and Jonason attended and made numerous appearances in the movie, as stormtroopers and rebel forces. The movie was still in production by the time the 2003 rolled around, so Alan also got to join in the fun as a rebel soldier. Production is ongoing, with no plans of stopping anytime soon...

Visit the Heart of the Rebellion page at Linn Productions

  Into Darkness

A music video produced by Random Foo Pictures for the Maine-based band Now is Now, the song is inspired by the book Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. As such, a fantasy-style dress was required for the actress. Erin was contracted to create it for them via her and Carrie's costume business, Incognito.

Visit the Into Darkness page at Random Foo Pictures

  Gods of Los Angeles

Warren and Jonason attended the real Camp FastForward (as opposed to the online one mentioned below) in 2003, and this is one of the projects that they got to work on. The movie is Orange Cow Productions' epic tale of life and love in LA. In it, Warren cameos as 'drinks guy', and Jonason appears as 'phone guy'. The movie is currently consuming director Garrett Gilchrist's soul, and hopefully production will end before he does...

Visit the Gods of Los Angeles page at Orange Cow Productions

  Oranges 2: Revenge of the Eggplant

GMP Pictures' sequel to the highly successful Oranges: the Movie, it once again features a cast of talking fruit. Also in production during Camp FastForward, Warren and Jonason got to be part of the movie. They lent their voices to a classroom of orange children.

Visit the Oranges 2 page at GMP Pictures

  Camp FastForward

Yes. That's Warren. Naked. Good lord. Anyway, late in the summer of 2002, Orange Cow Productions produced a series of quick web mockumentaries covering their parody of Camp REwind. Chronicling founder Garrett Gilchrist's slide into insanity as he slowly realized no one was showing up, it featured moments like a search for a new martyr, spitman, and a call for mass nudity. On the last day, a bunch of people did show up (via video). Warren shot this sequence to end the series, and we're all better for it.

  Clowns and Suicide

This multiple REwind award-winning movie was Blanc Screen Cinema's story of a group of people who get together to remember a friend who had recently committed suicide. At the end, a video is played featuring more of the recently deceased's friends. Warren and Jonason appear in cameos shot at the 2002 REwind festival.

Visit the Clowns and Suicide page at Blanc Screen Cinema

  Ghostbusted 2

The sequel to Orange Cow Productions' 2001 original (in which Alan and Erin appeared), this one was also shot at the REwind video festival. This time it was the 2002 fest and the Bravado attendees were Warren Blyth and Jonason Ho. They made it into the movie this time, Warren teaming with Deviant Productions' Jonny Margheim as a cop duo. A very spirited and happy shoot, an exclusive clip of the movie is available... around here somewhere... click away.

Watch Ghostbusted 2 at Orange Cow Productions

  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Yes, really. The Tonight Show, as part of their year-long tour of college campuses came to Oregon State University in early 2002. They shot a Jaywalking segment (Jay communicated via satellite from LA) on campus. At each college, a group of telemedia students were selected for production and tech assistance. Kim Turpin was selected to head up the student group, and she selected Bravados Alan and Shelley Gaske for her crew. Also selected were Bravado part-timer Alex McNall and ex-member Paul Pistey.


One of the movies shot at Camp REwind 2001, this was take on Ghostbusters of sorts directed by Garrett Gilchrist of Orange Cow Productions. Pretty much entirely impromptu, the movie actually turned out quite funny. Alan and Erin appear in it, parodying their scene from Transients, which had premiered just moments earlier. You can view the entire movie on the Orange Cow site:

Visit the Ghostbusted page and watch the movie at Orange Cow Productions


The collaborative project produced at Camp REwind 2000, this movie featured people from amateur movie production groups from around the country. Written and directed by Random Foo Pictures' Jason Santo, the story features an alien consciousness that jumps from mind to mind in order to gain a deeper understanding of humanity. Alan and Erin played a couple making out in a hallway in their scene. Alan was also assistant edited the movie.

Visit the Transients page at Random Foo Pictures


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