Leaving so soon? Alright then. Check out these other amateur movie groups and sites for more of this special kind of madness:

  • Bent Image Lab
    "An animation laboratory and a hybrid live-action production studio headquartered in Portland, OR" Home to productions both filmic and commercial. Alan has assisted on some of the latter.
  • Blanc Screen Cinema
    Producers of Pervert Goes Home, The Trouble With Her Uterus, and Clowns and Suicide their movies are the most amazing combination of disgusting and hilarious.
  • Decapitated Mimes Production
    Producers of festival selections True Love Sucks and Therapy Session. Evil clown! Eek!
  • F&C Productions
    Another local group of friends, this is the b-movie production house run by part-time Bravado member Joe Sherlock. Check out classic flics Monster in the Garage, Dimension of Blood, and so on, and new hits like Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires. Just cover the kids' eyes during some parts of the site....
  • Fast Forward
    Formerly just a parody of the REwind site, Orange Cow founder Garrett Gilchrist and Funeral Homer Warren Blyth set up this site to promote the underappreciated amateur comedy genre. And whatever else. News, reviews, opinions and fun...
  • Funeral Home Entertainment
    The site of Bravado mainstay Warren Blyth's group, it's home to the productions that he and/or Jonason head up. Warren and Jonason's production credits with Bravado include Gauntlet 216 and the Karate Pate` 'franchise', so check out even more about those productions there.
  • GMP Pictures
    The producers of many of my favorite low-budget movies, including the Oranges series and The Long Walk Home. The site (and group?) are now defunct, but the site still stands. Check out the link to Red Letter Media below for more.
  • Infiniti Productions
    Moviemakers out of Calgary, with movies like Two Ways the Same and Chi Tsui to their credit. And in their free time, they produce REwind video magazine and the website...
  • Junk Productions
    Another group of Bravado members, Junk Productions is home to K. Shawn and Jenn Edgar, the people who brought you Junk Squad, Junk Fighter, and other... junk. Heh. The site is home to a few of their gauntlet projects and whatever else KShawn feels like putting up there.
    Home of Delusions of Grandeur, and Bravado's former main base of operations from '97 to '02. It's Oregon State Univeristy's student-run TV station, and I designed the site. A new site has replaced my old one, but they have a message board now. Go stir something up! Heh...
  • Linn Productions
    Creators of the amateur classic Indiana Jed, among others. They're based in South Dakota, where they have their own video production business and are the generous hosts of MicroCinemaFest.
  • Malamute Pictures
    Another Rapid City South Dakota group, they are in production on a few movies, including The Matrix: Reprecussions, which features cameos from some Bravado folks.
  • Microcinema Scene
    Home of the microcinema movement, featuring news, reviews, articles, downloads, a forum, and everything else low-budget moviemaking related.
  • Mindscape Pictures
    Founded by former Foo members, this Boston-based group produced Bravado fest selection Marisa among many other movies. Alan and Erin appeared in their shot-at-Camp-Rewind short Transients.
  • Neptune Films
    Short films about murder and mayhem, based in Portland, OR. Alan assited on the editing of their short Noise, and is pitching in on many of their latest film projects.
  • Mitch TV
    Creators of ET Substitution, selection of the first festival episode. The site has been recently rennovated and all of their movies are now downloadable. Check 'em out.
  • Orange Cow Productions
    Another one of my faves, Orange Cow formerly produced Dr. Fred's Amazing Exploding Cow Show, and has also brought us The Phantom Movie and Excaliburger. Check in for updates on their new, long-in-production movie Gods of LA.
  • Posh Pictures
    Originally from Seattle, Q. Allan Brocka heads up Posh Pictures, and is now a student at the California Institute of the Arts. His lego-animated short movie Rick & Steve, the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World has become a worldwide sensation, picked up for over a hundred festivals including Sundance.
  • Queequeg Films
    Based in Florida, this is the group behind the highly inventive horror flick The Bags.
  • Random Foo Pictures
    We go way back with this Massachusetts production crew - we've been 'friends of Foo' since early 1998. They hold the distinction of being the only group presented in every film festival episode of Delusions of Grandeur - and the only one to be banned (temporarily) from KBVR-TV. Anyway, a great group, a ton of movies made, and one of the better sites out there. Check them out.
  • Red Letter Media
    The production company formerly known as GMP Pictures, check out Oranges 2: Revenge of the Eggplant.
  • REwind Video
    The main meeting place for all no and low-budget moviemaker types, check them out for tutorials and downloadable content, plus a chatroom and forum that are always exciting. So to speak.
  • Risk Management Entertainment
    This is another brand new group co-founded by a Bravado member - this time it's Robert Geddes. He and his friends have formed their own production crew, and are now shooting Excitement in the Air, their documentary about the history of the Portland Oregon wrestling scene.
  • Rusted Angel Productions
    Frequent collaborators with the F&C Productions crew, this group has worked on Waiter, There's an Eco-Terrorist in my Soup and Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires.
  • Rusty Hoot Motion Pictures
    Another group that we go way back with. We played their movies on the Delusions film festival eps from about mid-1998 all the way to the end. Based in Colorado (and I guess partially in Salt Lake City now), some of their more popular titles include Alpine Mediocrity, Red Water, and Mormons with Swords.
  • Screaming Stoner Video
    A review site dedicated to mainly low-budget b-horror, there is also a series of filmmaker interviews on the site. Dead Air, Vicious Circle, and other Bravado movies are reviewed there, and interviews with members Alan and Joe are there too.
  • Seven Sisters Films
    Led by the former 'women of Foo', this girl-powered group is just starting out, and counts our very own Erin as one of their members.
  • Star Wars: Macbeth
    A movie produced by then-high school crews Arizona Pictures and NS Productions, this movie retold the story of Macbeth as set in the Star Wars universe. Selected for one of the festival eps, this was another one of my faves...
  • Super Atomic TV
    A TV show showcasing all things campy, odd, old sci-fi-ish, and so on. Currently broadcasting in Oregon on Comcast channel 14. Kurt Loyd is the producer, Alan shot the pilot, and is now editing the show. Check out the message board and register for prizes!
  • Teddybear Sausage Productions
    A group spawned out of the same high school as Bravado, this group was co-founded by Bravado member Ben Kreger. Their movies are available for viewing, so go watch...

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