The name of the show was Delusions of Grandeur and from late 1997 to early 2001, it was the main focus of all of Bravado Entertainment's output. Produced at and aired through KBVR-TV, Oregon State University's television station, Delusions ran for 60 episodes, varying in length from 10 minutes to three hours. It stands as the longest-running and most highly acclaimed original program in KBVR history, and can still be seen Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9PM, with more recent 'late night' episodes on Monday at 10PM on KBVR-TV in Corvallis, Albany, and surrounding areas. And since there are sixty episodes, we offer three ways to navigate through all of them:

  • Alphabetical - Searching for a specific episode? This'll be your best bet.
  • Chronological - All the epiosdes in order, with the last one first.
  • By Popularity - With the most popular episodes listed first, this is a good place to start.

  •      Of course, there's more than just the regular episodes. So, here's the 'bonus' stuff for the television section:

  • Commercials - The Bravado-produced promos for Delusions, KBVR, and others
  • Hall of Unfinished Episodes - A look at shows that were shot, but never shown
  • Other KBVR Shows - A listing of all the other Bravado-produced KBVR-TV programs

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