A project by Austin Sherris for the Art of Filmmaking class that Alan was also a part of, this was his final project. It retells the story of cold-war nuclear proliferation by showing a group of kids on the playground fighting over water balloons. Unable to find children to play the roles, Austin had KShawn and Alan play a couple of the parts. Like other projects from the class, it was a silent short shot on super-8 film.

  Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling

Yes, we produced a couple epsiodes of Portland wrestling. Really. A crew headed up by producer Kurt Loyd, accompanied by director and editor Alan, and filled out by head cameraman Robert Geddes and his Risk Management Entertainment folks produced the show, broadcast on TVTV in all areas south and southwest of Portland. The production deal fell apart early on, but the show (with other producers) can still be seen on cable access in Milwaukie, OR and all areas nearby.

  Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires

This is the latest feature from Joe Sherlock's F&C Productions, a rip-roarin' comedy about a town full of backwoods hicks beset upon by vampirism. Think redneck vampires that are too stupid to keep out of the sun. Heh. Anyway, this movie stars Carrie Davis as family matriarch Ma Poisser (pronounced 'pisser', of course), and features a supporting turn by Warren as the Renfield-esque slave Lendl. Alan and Erin also have cameo appearances in the movie.

Visit the Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires page at F&C Productions

  Casonetto's Last Song

Derek Koch, formerly of Montana's Dead End Pictures, recently produced this adaptation of Robert E. Howard's pulp horror tale with the intention of premiering it at the 2003 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland. They contracted the costume design and creation out to Incognito, the company run by our own Erin and Carrie. They created all the cult member robes, and picked out most of the other costume pieces as well. The movie did indeed make it into the festival, and will premiere there this October.

Visit the Casonetto's Last Song website


The final movie from Evilmaker director John Bowker and Pipedreams Entertainment before he 'went Hollywood', this is the story of an agoraphobic young woman, the sister who lives with her, and the monster that terrorizes them both. Erin and Alan both had starring roles in the movie, as you can see in the poster. Jenn Edgar also makes a cameo. In her underwear. And Warren once again appears in the movie. In his underwear. Hee. The movie premiered in November 2002 and is now available to purchase at your local Tower Records and Borders. Really.

Visit the Housebound page at PipeDreams Entertainment
Purchase a copy of Housebound at amazon.com


This shoot came as sort of a surprise to Alan, Erin and Warren. They went to Joe Sherlock's 2001 Halloween party dressed as characters from the cabinet of Dr. Caligari. John Bowker was also at the party and thought it'd be a perfect setting to get a scene for his latest short shot. Warren gets a cameo in, and Alan and Erin get yet another scene where they make out. This short eventually became John's contribution to an upcoming horror compilation DVD, more on that soon.

Visit the Betrayal page at PipeDreams Entertainment

  Evilmaker 2: The Abomination

The sequel to Bravado part-timer John Bowker's b-movie horror hit, this sequel features a supporting character portrayed by Warren Blyth, as the husband of the hero of the movie. The movie features Warren's first sex scene, too. Heh. Here's a behind-the-scenes pic from the movie's website, which Warren runs. This movie is now available for rent at your local Hollywood Video. Look for it in the A section - it was released under the title Abomination.

Visit the Evilmaker 2 page at Pipedreams Entertainment

  Lady of the Dead

A movie produced by Dark Elysium castmember, COMM TA and occasional Delusions guest star Simon Fentress, Lady of the Dead was his Communications master's thesis project. In it, a woman gets into a car accident with her boyfriend and falls into a strange dream world where nothing seems real. Sean O'Donnell-Field makes an appearance and shot some of the scenes, and Alan lended some editing assistance. This movie was selected for the 2002 REwind Video Festival, and Simon's wife Chelsea was nominated for best actress. The showing gained a measure of unfortunate notoriety for the movie, so be on the lookout for the parody 'Lady of the Dissolve', shot at camp that year.

  Dark Bite

Part of the Werewolf Tales compliation, John produced Dark Bite, a story about a downtrodden man who gains power when he finds a mystic book containing the power of the wolf. Alan had a cameo in the movie as a detective who discovers the werewolf's first victim.

Visit the Dark Bite page at PipeDreams Entertainment

  Nowhere to Hyde

Also part of Werewolf Tales, Nowhere to Hyde was produced by Joe Sherlock. Warren stars in the movie as the direct descendant of Dr. Henry Jeckell. He discover the secret of his great great grandfather's formula, and unlocks a story of intrigue, multiple dimensions, and, naturally, werewolves!

Visit the Nowhere to Hyde page at F&C Productions


Underbelly is F&C Productions's erotic thriller. Joe Sherlock had been working on the movie for over three years, releasing it in 2003. Way back in 2000, though, he shot a scene featuring Clarissa Filice as a wayward hitchiker. Alan came along for production assistant help. Check out the site for more, but cover the kids' eyes first...

Visit the Underbelly page at F&C Productions

  Picking Daisy

A 1999 movie produced by future Bravado members Kim Turpin and Casey Campbell, this was their class project for a film comedy course. In the style of classic silent comedy, the movie features a popular young woman who is kidnapped by an evil villan and must be rescued by a hero. The movie featured appearances by Alan Winston as a suitor, K. Shawn Edgar as the villain, and James Allen as the hero. This movie also was the first Wookling Award winner for best festival selection.


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