TRT: 57:33
TMR: 17

A group of tech thieves, code named Second Cousin, Fold, and Heavy Breather, make a living stealing computers and information for shadowy clients. They are blackmailed into a new mission to steal a new hair regrowth formula. Along the way, they sneak onto a closed movie set, steal a top-secret script, accidentally kidnap an actress, and attract the attention of the local investigators. They stage a daring raid on the corporation to steal the computer with the formula on it, and it leads to a final confrontation. Dan's second feature for BaconNews Pictures, this time he teamed with Zach Kreft-Lama on the project.

Full Credits

1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor - Dan Magill
     ·Best Actor - Alan Winston
     ·Best Director - Dan Magill & Zach Kreft-Lama
     ·Best Writer - Dan Magill & Zach Kreft-Lama
     ·Best Guest Star - Carrie Capshaw
1999 Wookling Awards
     ·Best Costumes


...You may have noticed near the end of the credits of Dark Side of Sense a little special thanks to the Oregon State University Police. This was not an act of gratitude, but of ironic sarcasm...
-Dan Magill

...I was really impressed by the amount of people Dan and Zach pulled together for the flic, and the scope/length of the script...
-Warren Blyth

I basically had fun with this one, and I think it improved my performance because of it. Definitely enjoyed the character.
-Alan Winston

Expanded Commentary

  • The crew was kicked out of Safeway in Corvallis while trying to attempt to shoot a scene there.
  • The rooftop scenes were shot on top of Dearborn Hall on the OSU campus. Unfortunately, right when the 'throw the computer off the room' scene was about to shoot, campus security closed in and shut the shoot down. We threw the computer off of Snell hall instead.
  • The scenes shot in the tunnels under Dearborn Hall were cool, but came at a cost. The levels of dust in the tunnels led to serious sickness to those who inhaled large quantities of it. The movie pushed on, and still managed to finish on-schedule.

  • Heavy Breather, Fold,
    and 2nd Cousin

    SOS 215

    Norman hangs out
    at Bates Hall

    Fold tries to explain it

    The gang spies on the movie set

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