The High School Crap: 1991-1992 | 1993-1996

Of course, the word 'crap' is used affectionately. Bravado Entertainment was originally a group of seven friends who did video projects for high school English classes. Made in the days before editors, tripods, good actors, etc, these movies are obviously not all that good, but the inventiveness and energy of them make them sort of fun to look back on. So, here are all of our projects produced between 1991 and 1996:

  Jackson Haynes: A Portrait in Pain


The first actual movie produced at KBVR and the last featuring the enitre high school crew, this was a comedic documentary chronicling Jackson's 'accident-prone nature'. Since it appeared on Delusions, there is another page for it elsewhere on the site.

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  Bravado Entertainment: 5 Years and Counting


The first Bravado movie produced at KBVR-TV, this was a simple clip show, helping Alan learn the editing equipment. It featured six of the seven members of the group getting together to look at clips of the past. Dan exits the group in this movie, appearing via video as part of the witness protection program. It also featured clips of prospective new sketches, none of which were ever produced.



The first attempt to do a post-highschool movie, this was a full-length X-Files / Mission:Impossible crossover. Only two scenes were shot before the project was abandoned. The first few scenes of the movie became The NeXt-Files and was produced for Delusions of Grandeur.



Our 'epic high school masterpiece', this movie is a complete retelling of the play. It starts with the documentary 'Jackson and Alan's Adventures in Crabtree, featuring the two of them searching for the mythical Corn Babies of Crabtree. Anyway, on to the actual movie. Alan played Hamlet, but the standout of the movie is Dan, in a hilarious performance as Claudius. Combining claymation, psychedelic musical sequences, gory sight gags, and everything else, this is the ultimate early Bravado movie.

  The Tale of Sir Ralph


The second all-claymation movie, this one was a parody of The Tale of Sir Gawain. It's a story about people cutting each other's heads off. Again, good idea to assign it to us. It ends with a big fight between Sir Ralph and the new Fuchsia Knight. Anyway, this one has probably survived the best out of all the old movies. Fun stuff.



A parody of the George Orwell story, this movie introduced new star Jackson Haynes. It featured all sorts of fun, including a psychedelic musical number set to Cream's Tales of Brave Ulysses. A favorite of most of the crew, the making of this one was lots of fun, including the much talked-about waterfights in Crabtree school.

  Gatsby '93


A modern retelling of The Great Gatsby, this version written by Alan and Will Black was a gangstafied version of the story. All the little homeys running around... It all ends with a big fight between Gatsby and 'The Wilsonator'. While popular at the time, this one hasn't aged well. Embarrassing stuff.

  Out Out


For the third official Bravado movie, the group was assigned the poem Out Out by Robert Frost, about a kid who cuts his hand off. I don't know why the teacher thought that would be a good idea either. Anyway, the group did a gruesome recreation, complete with clips from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie accomplished its purpose well - the class was so sickened that they couldn't eat the cake the next group brought.


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