TRT: 6:40
TMR: 18

Based on an original story by Warren Blyth, Rocky 666 was intended to be a cross between the Rocky movies and The Exorcist. KShawn put a more dramatic spin on the movie and produced it. He recruited friends Justin Lundy and Peggy Ringle from the OSU theater and cast them as the stars. The story involves a man who has recently lost his wife, but eventually decides to go dancing. He meets a woman and they have a one night stand. Somehow, over the course of the night, she becomes posessed with a demon. The man calls a priest to help, and the movie culminates in a fight scene with the demon - a plastic skeleton!

Full Credits

2000 Western Coloardo Amateur Video Festival
     ·Festival Selection

2000 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Director - K. Shawn Edgar
     ·Best Writer - K. Shawn Edgar
     ·Best Guest Star - Peggy Ringle & Justin Lundy
     ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - The Skeleton fight
2000 Wookling Awards
     ·Most Underrated Sketch
     ·Best Dance Sequence


Yes, crazy times on this one. Everybody was getting drunk and running amuk. Jeff kept taking off his priest pants, shooting spitwads and threatening to jump out the window if I didn't come up with a dozen donuts by noon. And Peggy painted Justin's butt with the Irish tricolor, and then Justin showed it to a passerby that wasn't more than fourteen years old. The passerby quickly & smartly became a runner-away. After that Alan started wearing an executioner's mask so the police wouldn't recognize him from the mugshots. I had a brief but pungent affair with the toxic fumes from a bipolar eighteen-wheeler when a stepped outside to get away from the insanity.
-K. Shawn Edgar

The man and woman meet

The Priest

The Demon

The man mourns

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