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Devon Meyer is a hitman, the best in his organization. After having to 'retire' one of his co-worker friends, he comes home to his girlfriend Julia. She is on the edge, numbing herself with painkillers, and trying to forget what Devon does for a living. She asks him to get out of the business, something Devon can't do easily. Especially with a powerful boss watching over his every move, and hotshot new recruit Locke gunning for his job. This starts Devon on a surreal journey through his own subconscious, filled with mysterious symbols, dream sequences, and even more death, with his only guidance a seemingly crazy but also seemingly omnipotent homeless man.

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    2006 Mid-Valley Video Festival
         ·Top Action Short
         ·Festival Selection
    2003 PREwind Video Festival
         ·Best in Show - 3/8/03
         ·Festival Selection
    2002 REwind Video Festival
         ·Festival Selection

    2002 REwind Video Awards
         ·Best Score - John Brugmann

     COMMENTARY do I feel about the movie? It's one of my favorites. I kind of wish that the movie was more positively recieved, but oh well. I probably put more detail and thought into this one than any other movie before, and for the most part, I think it works...
    -Alan Winston

    Expanded Commentary

  • The new boom mic used on the first couple of shoots was completely malfunctional, and one of the scenes had its entire audio signal knocked out. The scene was completely ADR-ed, with all lines and sound effects rerecorded and added in. No one's been able to tell which scene it is so far, which is cool.
  • The first indoor scene had to be redone as well. We attempted to use a different, softer lighting rig, but the footage came out completely dark. The scene was reshot with the usual bright lights and worked out quite nicely.
  • The crew was banned temporarily from EyeControl Technologies, where the office hit scene took place. After doing thousands of cents worth of damage to some empty boxes, the crew had their shooting priveleges revoked. A week later, they were let back in to finish shooting the scene.
  • Despite more pyrotechnic effects than any other production, no one was hurt, and Alan was only minorly singed.
  • Shattering sugar glass doesn't actually hurt, but as we found out, laying down on it for a prolonged period of time can have some minor negative side effects. It is sugar after all, and therefore can be extremely sticky. So, if someone were lying in it... you get the picture.

  • The script for this movie went through three different drafts. Lost from the previous drafts was a different and extended ending with Devon still working as a hitman and murdering another couple.
  • Originally, all of the 'surreal' scenes were one big scene at the ending of the movie, but it was cut up and rearranged to spread out the strangeness. Not sure if it was the right call...
  • The scene with Devon and Locke in the car was originally much shorter, in keeping with Locke as a mostly silent character. But to explain some of the relationships and tie up some loose ends, he was given a bit more dialogue.
  • The scene where Devon hits David Campbell was originally much more complex, ending with him shooting out of one building into the window of another at the mysterious cameraman.

  • Devon Meyer

    Devon and Julia argue

    The Bum tries to help Devon

    Locke gives Devon an assignment

    Jordon and Rena

    Devon waits for his target

    Locke gives Devon
    his new assignment
    (includes spoilers)

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