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     This interview was conducted by the Albany Democrat-Herald for the purpose of an article in the 'Fanfare' entertainment section of the paper on Nov. 21, 1997. The interview took place on Sunday, Nov 16. Cory Frye wrote the conducted the interview and later wrote the article. In attendance were the six active cast and crew members of Bravado Entertainment: Alan Winston, Juston Chandler, Jason Pape, Karyn Fraser, Jackson Haynes, and Carrie Davis. Jackson also brought along his girlfiriend Jennifer Badeau and daughter Jessica Haynes for their first on-camera appearances. Charles Lind from An Eye on the Arts was there as well, manning a camera. Rounding out the people in attendance were Cory Frye, Albany Democrat-Herald entertainment writer, and Democrat-Herald photographer Mark Ylen. Also, since it was a forty-five minute interview, it's a lot to read, divided over three pages:
The Interview:

KBVR TV Studio A
Corvallis, OR
November 16, 1997

Cory Frye: I guess I'll start things off by asking Alan - I know I've read this a dozen times on his webpage, and I've asked him over the phone, but... Give me a brief history...

Alan Winston: Okay, a brief history... how can I be brief... We first, we were assigned to do a report on how to do something, so we decided on how to make a movie. At first there were three of us, then Juston joined a week after that. Um, let's see. We made the movie, it was a big success, everyone liked it, so, pretty much for the next three years, whenever we got assigned a project, we made a movie, and... Let's see... After a couple years, I think, by senior year in high school, we had a pretty big crew, we had about 8 or 9 people...

Jackson Haynes: In our class

Alan: Yeah, 8 or 9 people from our class, plus Carrie, who was, um, away.

Jackson: It was supposed to be a book report, but we did a movie instead.

Alan: Yeah, and we got A's, so... Let's see. And then, after that, most of us kind of went off to college or wherever.

Jackson: I would be "wherever" [laughs]

Alan: In Portland, getting shot at...

Jackson: Hey, now.

Alan: ...stabbed, run over by Chang.

Cory Frye: Well, I've heard that you've suffered quite a few mishaps over the years.

Jackson: Mishaps?...

Jennifer Badeau: There's been some good ones.

Jackson: ...or adventures. I like to call them "adventures".

Cory Frye: Adventures that somehow involve violence to your person?

Jackson: Um, yeah, technically, I guess.

Juston Chandler: There's been some funny ones.

Jason Pape: You get frequent flyer miles at the hospital.

Alan: Just like we said in the movie, every ten visits, he gets a free one -

Juston: [interrupting] We used to be DJs. Me and Alan used to be DJs for the South Albany High School.

Jackson: And I was a dancer! [laughs]

Juston: Yeah, well we were...

Cory Frye: South Albany has a radio station?

Juston: No, this was just for dances.

Karyn Fraser: They DJed.

Juston: There was one where... [turns to camera] you shouldn't air this, but he -

Jackson: No! Don't do that! Don't talk about that!

Juston: We were up in the -

Alan: Don't talk about that.

Juston: We were up in the ceiling, and -

Jackson: They're going to use this for the paper, man! [laughter]

Alan: We're going to, well, I'm going to put this on the air, you know.

Juston: Well, it was a couple years ago.

Jackson: You know, they still don't know who did that! [laughter]

Carrie Davis: Keep it kind of shady.

Jackson: No names!

Karyn: Next question!

Jackson: You can talk about DJing and all that, but don't go there!

Alan: Yeah, the naked dummy hanging from the string? That's fine. Just don't -

Juston: We get creative there, too, and we'd come up with, kind of, you know, just scenes for, uh, well, just for dances and stuff like that. Kind of entertaining stuff. Um...

Jackson: That was fun. We had a silhouette backdrop. Just a, just a sheet with a strobelight, and we started dancing back there, a couple of the dances, and pretty soon, pretty soon everybody wanted to dance back there, and we started charging money. [laughs]. It worked for a while, until we got rushed by about a hundred people.

Juston: And then there was one girl that...

Jackson: closed us down.

Juston: Yes.

Jackson: She did "obscene things".

Juston: A little more than dancing. So, the vice principal said "No." That was funny.

Jackson: I was back there, so... [laughs].

Cory Frye: Okay, so who was the teacher you did the initial assignment for?

Alan: Um, let's see... Teachers...

     About five people say a different teacher's name all at once.

Alan: Ms. Bateman first year, Ms. Good second year, and Mrs. Burt third year... Yeah.

Juston: They're all from South Albany.

Jennifer: You guys are all from South Albany, aren't you?

Carrie: Yup.

Alan: Yup.

Jennifer: Oh boy. [laughs]

Jackson: (points at Jennifer) Lebanoniite!

Jennifer: That's not good. [laughs]

Jackson: (fake angry voice) Just wait 'til after the interview!

Cory Frye: Let's just go around, and tell me, you all tell me when you became involved with this. And let's start with you on the left. (points to Juston).

Juston: My left?

Cory Frye: My left.

Juston: Oh, okay.

Alan: That's okay, he doesn't know his directions anyway. [laughter]

Juston: Huh, what? Um... You know, it's hard to say... I just... What did we do befo- we were doing something before...

Jackson: He was on drugs at the time, he doesn't remember. [laughter]

Cory Frye: Well, who wasn't? [laughter]

Juston: Yeah, that was back in the age when, you know... No, didn't we do something before?

Alan: We did a couple things not as class projects, but I don't think you -

Jackson: He got a camera, and he was really excited that he could go shoot some stuff.

Juston: We did some stupid commercials and stuff like that.

Alan: Well, that was after...

Juston: That was after??

Alan: Yeah, that was the, uh, summer after.

Juston: Uhhh... It's kind of hard, 'cause I work so much, and then, to fit, to fit the schedule to go in and actually help and stuff like that, but, with the projects that he did have, I did try and help out and give ideas and stuff like that. Uh, I did act in some of them, but I prefer to be either in, um, camera or... what have you.

Alan: I first asked you to join up because you knew all the special effects stuff. You had the fake blood, fake skin, and all that sort of neat stuff to play with, so...

Jackson: And we needed another actor.

Alan: Well, not as such for what we were working on then...

Jackson: Well, we couldn't have had a mob scene in 1984 with three people.

Alan: Well, this was three years before that, so...

Jackson: Oh, I know, I was just kidding.

     Jessica gets up and tries to grab the camera.

Jennifer: [laughing] Where are you going? Come back here!

Jackson: She wants to be on camera.

Jennifer: She wants the camera. She's my little movie star [laughs]

Juston: Go ahead, Karyn.

Jackson: When did you first start?

Karyn: I think when I was a junior. (to Alan) Was it?

Alan: Gatsby '93.

Karyn: Was it Gatsby? I don't remember how I got into it, but -

Alan: Well, because Juston was doing it.

Karyn: Was that why?

Alan: You had to follow him along.

Karyn: I guess I followed Juston... and then I became the only girl, so I kind of got stuck, and I'm still, just about the only...

Alan: For about a year... You were the only girl for about a year, then there was a year when there were to of you, then about a month where there were three of you, then two of you, then one for another two years, and now Carrie's back.

Juston: Carrie's back! and she's baaaad!

Carrie: Ohhhh yeah! [laughter]

Jackson: I was fortunate enough to miss out on all the earlier ones - the "lesser great" films.

Juston: Those little puny ones. [laughter]

Jackson: I think I joined, yeah, junior year.

Alan: Well, just before the start of senior year... 1984.

Jackson: 1984? Yeah.

Alan: That was Mrs. Burt's class.

Jackson: Mrs. Burt... (jokingly) Fortunately, I was the star of everything I was in.

Alan: Until you ran off to Portland.

Jackson: Hey now, hey, hey. I didn't run off anywhere. I was kind of left there. (Starts to fake crying) I was abandoned as a child! (stops) Okay, seventeen, wasn't quite a child, but hey.

     (camera turns to point at Jennifer, pause)...

Jackson: That would be you Jennifer, when did you start this thing?

Jennifer: As of right now, I don't think I'm even in it yet. [laughs]

Carrie: Well, all of the cameras are running.

Alan: You're on it now.

Jennifer: Okay, great, I'm stuck now. [laughter]

Alan: We'll put a funny picture of you up on the webpage and everything.

Jennifer: (picks up Jessica & talks to her) We joined when we met Jackson, huh? Yes we did.

Jackson: This is my co-star Jessica.

Jennifer: Yeah, she's the next generation.

Alan: We're actually going to do an episode about her.

Jennifer: Oh really? That's news to me.

Alan: You mean he hasn't told you yet?

Jennifer: No.

Jackson: Well, I thought it would be more of a surprise, so... surprise!

Jennifer: Okay. [Laughs] But I'm glad to be here, it's very exciting. They're great people.

Jackson: The few hours that she's known us. Well, everybody else I guess...

Alan: Well, you've already got me, so...

Cory Frye: Yeah. (To Carrie) So, you're a year older than everyone else?

Carrie: Yeah, I'm uh, I'm, 22, I'm -

Jason: A geezer.

Cory Frye: Hey!

Carrie: [laughs] That's right.

Alan: What?

Carrie: No, I have, uh, a -

Jackson: She's the senior of us.

Carrie: This is my second year as a senior at Western Oregon University, and I got involved in it, actually, I think I was a freshman at WOU, um, WOSC (rolls eyes), and I was best friends with Karyn and Andrea, and they said "Oh, come and 'help'." So, basically, for the first one, I ran around with them -

Alan: Beating people.

Carrie: Beating people, yes.

Karyn: Barney...

Carrie: And I had a tiny little part playing a Barney worshipper, which I thought was... very sad [laughter], since I don't like Barney.

Jennifer: Hey, she (Jessica) likes Barney!

Carrie: I'm sorry...

Jackson: Shhh, cover her ears! [laughter]

Carrie: But that was it, and otherwise I haven't done anything else with them until now, when I've actually been, you know, like a real role on camera.

Jackson: You were in high school when we did 1984, weren't you?

Carrie: No, I was a freshman at WOSC.

Jackson: Wow....

Carrie: Yeah...

Jackson: I was unaware of that.

Jason: I started, I think, when was it... Ms. Good's class?

Alan: Ms. Good's class, yeah.

Jason: We were doing Huck Finn, and -

Cory Frye: Could you talk a little louder?

Jason: And, basically, we had to read books, all through high school we had to read books... [laughter]

Alan: Really??

Carrie: Imagine that, in Literature class.

Jackson: Some of us just read the Cliff's Notes

Jason: ...and I was tired of doing dioramas, so I decided to take the cheap way out and make a movie.

     Jackson looks confused by the word "diorama".

Carrie: You know, those things you make out of shoeboxes?

Jackson: Oh, yeah. Tell him the truth, we never read the book. We read the Cliff's Notes, then acted like we knew the book, and we did the movie, and it was great, and we got an A anyways! [laughter]

Jason: Well, I read every other page.[laughter]

Alan: Well, I read the book. Then I just told them what happened.

Carrie: You know, I never read 1984 until last summer.

Jason: (sarcastically) You never have?!

Carrie: And I read it, and I thought "Oh, that makes more sense!" [laughs]

Cory Frye: Did you see the real movie?

Carrie: No, the only one I ever saw was the one they made.

Karyn: Which makes no sense at all!

Carrie: Exactly.

Alan: Me and Jason and Jackson actually rented the movie and tried to watch it. These two fell asleep. I wished I had fallen asleep.

Jackson: Besides trying to -

Jason: The first part wasn't bad, but then they quit the previews and went to the movie.[laughter]

Cory Frye: So, after high school, did you figure that Alan would continue to drag you back into making these things?

Karyn: Not at first. He didn't start taking the film classes 'till later.

Alan: Yeah. I didn't come here to the station until a year ago, and... The summer before that, we had written all those scripts, because Jackson came back and asked, you know, "Where, where's all the movies you guys have been making since I've been gone?" "Movies?" Me and Juston kind of came up with some script ideas and wrote 'em out. We'll get around to them someday, maybe.

Jennifer: And since then, the phone's been ringing off the hook.

Alan: Yeah. "Jackson, where are you?" "Jackson, why aren't you here yet?" "Jackson, wake up!"

Karyn: No, that's Juston.

Juston: That's me!

Alan: "Jackson, are you there?"

Jackson: No, that's just Juston. "I know you're there! Pick up the phone!"[laughter]

Alan: "I know you're not home, but I'm leaving a message anyway." "Juston, are you working right now?" "Are you busy?" "Put that fish down for a minute."

Juston: "Aw, he found me again!" No...

Alan: "Where are you?!"

Jackson: Actually, we knew he was gonna do it. He'd been talking about it. It's just this bad feeling you get in the back of your neck.

Jason: It's like those messages he's always leaving. "This is urgent! Call me back!" Four minutes later...

Alan: But, once I got a hold of all this, this stuff - these cameras, the editor, and... We've really been, like, holding back, waiting for a better way of making our movies without making them look, you know...

Jason: cheesy?

Alan: Yeah, cheesy.

Carrie: Yeah. I think the next thing should be, like, acting lessons. [laughter]

Alan: Yeah. [laughter] Well, I mean before, those things I showed you were like, all re-edited. I went and re-edited the whole thing.

Jackson: You should have seen them beforehand.

Alan: Static in between of them, people yelling in the background, stuff you can't hear, stuff you still can't hear.

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