Well, if you want it done right, yes? With a lot of open space in the KBVR-TV section of the Headline and Deadlines section of the summer 2001 edition, the Barometer called up Kim (the station manager at the time) and basically told her "Write something." So, she came to me and said "Write something." Not really. We both ended up writing a recruitment article. Though, I wanted mine to be different from the usual "join us, we're grrrreat!" articles that usually get printed. So here it is. Seemed to go well, and they even found a picture of me from the yearbook to add in. Though, they got Jenn's name wrong in the photo credit. Of course. And I seem to remember KShawn taking that picture, but either way... Enjoy enjoy:

How to Control Your Own Media Empire on Three Credits a Term

By Alan Winston
Headlines & Deadlines

Let me start this article by getting the major points that I wanted to make across in as clear a fashion as I possibly can.


Regardless of your major, class standing, specific area of interest, or even (to a degree) lack of talent, you (yes, you) are perfect for a position among us at KBVR-TV. It’s all right there, tucked inconspicuously within Snell Hall, and it’s just waiting for you to wander on in.

I should know. I happened to wander on in a few years ago, disillusioned by a severe lack of progress of any sort towards a computer engineering degree, and looking for a more rewarding way to spend my time than studying eighteen hours a day.

A recruitment meeting was going on, and I signed up for a class called videography, which promised to instruct in the finer points of camera aesthetics and editing your own videos. From the first editing session, I was hooked, and I knew what I wanted – my own show on KBVR.

The show was Delusions of Grandeur, and if you know anything about KBVR-TV (most people don’t, but we can pretend, can’t we?), you probably know all about it. Home to a myriad of movie parodies, slasher movie spoofs, dancing Star Wars figures, and the occasional dramatic piece, Delusions was a mainstay of KBVR through three and a half years and 60 episodes. It is with great pride (and a touch of arrogance, some would say), that I can state that my show was the longest running and most highly-acclaimed in the history of KBVR.

But this article isn’t supposed to be a shameless promotion for myself, it’s a shameless promotion for KBVR-TV, which airs on channel 99 from 7PM to midnight during the school year, Mondays through Thursdays. Plug plug. Honestly, though, working in student media is probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyably unique experiences you could have during your time in college.

I can specifically remember one instance during the production of my show that could be considered a perfect example of ‘unique’. I was driving a crew to Portland with a couple thousand dollars worth of camera equipment in my possession, en route to a Vanilla Ice concert where I would be conducting an interview, then directing a concert video from the center of a mosh pit. In the midst of this most surreal of events, all I could think was "They’re actually giving me three upper-division credits to do this!" Okay, I was really thinking "Please let all the cameras come back in one piece!" but that’s beside the point.

The point, of course, is that student media is a flexible credit, and an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in creating, well, anything.

You want to learn to run a camera? No problem. You want to be a news anchor? We want you to be a news anchor. You want to learn to edit? It can be done. You have an idea for a groundbreaking new TV show? As you wish. You want a pony for Christmas? That may be beyond our capabilities.

Otherwise, come see us and we can help.

Just visit our website at www.kbvr-tv.com for more information on job opportunities and other ways to get involved at your TV station. Maybe we can even convince one or two of you to take the videography class in the fall - I hear the guy who’s teaching it now used to produce this really bizarre show... delusions of something or other....

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