This March, 1998 article appeared in Oregon State University's State paper, The Daily Barometer, and was written by Brad Cable, Barometer reporter. It was written to note the film festival selections of Bravado Entertainment's Star Wars Stop-Motion Theater: part 2 - The Bounty Hunters, and The Buena Vista Ferry, a video by Roger Holden, Andy Leontovich, and Drake Van Praag, which was created for COMM382 and premiered on Delusions of Grandeur episode 7. Apparently Alan was "unavailable for comment" for this article, and didn't even find out about it until he read it in the paper one day. Imagine his surprise. Unfortunately, though it was mentioned heavily in the press release, the article didn't mention KBVR at all, despite it being where the videos were created, or Delusions of Grandeur, despite it being where the videos premiered. Nice to get recognition all the same I guess. Another odd twist is that days later, Brad came to videography class for the first time and finally met the instructor - Alan. Here's the article:

Oregon State University students recognized for films

By Brad Cable
of The Daily Barometer

What do a trip across the Willamette River aboard the Buena Vista Ferry and Star Wars bounty hunters have in common? Not much, except that they are the subjects of two short films written, produced, and directed by OSU students, who were recognized at the second annual Arizona State University Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival on March 24, 1998

One video, created by communication students Roger Holden, Andy Leontovich, and Drake Van Praag, lasts about two and a half minutes and follows a man as he traverses the Willamette River, with its naturally beautiful backdrop and soothing serenity, via ferry.

"Calm, peaceful reflection and nature stimulated all of this. People who see it want to get up and go to the river," said Holden, a graduate student in the STC program and co-creator of the short film that took much dedication and teamwork to put together.

"No production is done alone," said Leontovich, a senior in liberal studies/multimedia. "Each of us got to apply our own view, talents, explore them and enhance them. Communication between us is what fit the puzzle together."

Also receiving recognition at the festival was Alan Winston, who made all of this possible by entering both shorts in the contest.

Winston's piece, entitled "The Bounty Hunter," portrays Star Wars action figures that find themselves in a messy dorm room surrounded by bounty hunters, and the only that can save them is Disco music.

The film festival had 223 submissions from 21 states and nine nations. Included were an artist who had been recognized at a film festival put on by Robert Redford and another who received an Academy Award.

"We were flabbergasted," said Leontovich, regarding the success of the two shorts at the festival. "It wasn't so much exiting as it was overwhelming."

For any future Spielbergs interested in starting their film career, Leontovich offers this advice: "Manage your time and be committed, not only to doing work, but to communicating as well."

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