This article was printed soon after the secon KBVR-TV recruitment meeting of the term. Apparently a Barometer writer was at the meeting, and quoted Alan's pitch for the videography class. It also mentions most of the KBVR shows looking for help.

Media opportunities await students at OSU
From radio to TV, students can try their hand at many creative outlets

By Crystal Maunu
Barometer Freelance Writer

Lights, camera, action.

Winter term has officially begun, signifying new positions and opportunities opening up for all students with KBVR radio and television.

Employees of KBVR are currently recruiting individuals interested in writing, acting, producing and editing.

Students wanting to get involved with KBVR TV or radio can earn credit and learn new skills.

"KBVR is really good experience for anyone in any field, for communication skills or technical experience. Any OSU students can participate, and Linn-Benton Community Colleges students as well," said KBVR-TV Station Manager Kim Turpin.

Some have liked working in the media field so much, they have turned it into a career.

"Quite a few of the graduates of OSU who went through KBVR-TV now work in different news fields throughout the country, so you can definitely get into professional places," Turpin said.

KBVR-TV is aired on channel 99, Monday through Thursday night, and begins airing the first or second week of the term, and will continue until dead week or finals week. Shows that air include KBVR News, Locals Live, Shameless, Blind Date and Plan II.

Different classes are offered through KBVR, including COMM 382, which is taught at the station.

"Videography teaches camera aesthetics and editing theory Thursday 6 to 8 p.m. You get to learn all of the equipment, and it's a good place to start," said Alan Winston, videography teacher.

Locals Live is a live music program that hosts bands and other musical talent that airs on KBVR tv at 2 p.m. Saturday, and is simulcast on KBVR-radio.

On the news side, Martin Carroll, the KBVR-TV News Producer and former employee of BBC, said, "there are two ways you can work on the news -- you can work on the reporting side or the crew side, KBVR is part of CNN student bureau, if CNN can't get a crew out they will use us for footage."

The two other variety shows are Shameless and Blind Date. Paul Pistey, the producer of Shameless, which is a skit comedy show, is still in production and is asking for students who are interested in writing, producing, directing and acting. Working in cooperation with MUPC this Winter a new show called Blind Date Oregon State will be airing, produced by Tony Chung, that will include two couples that were selected to go on a date and will be filmed, similar to other Blind Date-type shows.

"There are not very many TV studios in universities and colleges across the nation, we are really lucky to have what we have, we have all the resources and we really don't have an excess of people, so you have a good chance of getting in and working on what you want to work on," said Turpin.

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