Not too much I can say about this one. Jared from Rusty Hoot sent it over, since The Jedi parts 1-4 were selected for the 1999 WCAVF. We get a short mention, and that's about it. Cool. Enjoy the read:

Amateur Films to Invade Western Colorado Filmfest

By Eric McIntyre
Staff Writer

Movie buffs, get your autograph books for Thursday night, when the Western Colorado Amateur Video Festival will bring the lights, camera, and action to Mesa State College's Liff Auditorium at 7PM today at no cost to the public.

The festival will feature flicks from amateur film companies from across the nation, entwined in the spirit of comedy and no-budget entertainment.

Jared Hargrave, initiator and coordinator of the festival, conceived the brainchild of this event by simply surfing on the internet. "I noticed that a lot of other colleges are having these festivals," he said, adding "Lately, there's been a lot more interest in film on this campus," then he decided to start the movie fest because of this.

Films by such companies as Rusty Hoot Motion Pictures of Aspen, Colo., Random Foo Productions of Massachusetts, Bravado Entertainment of Oregon, R3 (read "R cubed) of Virginia, Fish Productions of Chicago, and Mammmoth Productions of Georgia will grace the screen with short comedies. The evening will also include a surprise film by MSC student Lee Damschroder.

As for what to expect for the evening, Hargrave explained that the movies are unusual and hilarious. Although, he laughed "One shouldn't expect to be intelectually challenged by these films." He also advised not to bring small children, as "some of these movies, if they were real movies, would be rated R due to language, and some are really bloody."

This is a unique opportunity to view such films in one location, as amateur films are not screened very often. Hargrave said, "I'm showing films that have no budget at all. It really gives a chance for beginning filmmakers to have their work shown."

The film festival had 223 submissions from 21 states and nine nations. Included were an artist who had been recognized at a film festival put on by Robert Redford and another who received an Academy Award.

He added that all professional filmmakers obviously started as amateurs once upon a time, and perhaps these directors and producers could someday be spoken of in the same circles as Steven Spileberg or George Lucas.

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