This interview was conducted in late May of 1998 for the KBVR-TV show Out & About, which was produced by Mike Stevens. Fourth in a a series of reports on other KBVR shows, this interview was conducted and put together by Out & About correspondent Mohamed Al-Zabidi. The interview aired the very last night of Spring term programming for KBVR, just before the rebroadcast of the episode 18 Vanilla Ice Interview and concert. Alan's appearance on the show was sort of a promotional appearance, advertising the episode, and gave some pretty interesting answers, since he had been editing 16 hours a day for the last week. The funniest parts of the interview were cut out, though, and they included Alan griping at length about the crew never showing up for shoots, and his threatening Mohamed for insulting Jason (a piece of which remained in the broadcast). Anyway, this is how the interview went to air, between clips of Delusions of Grandeur. Unfortunately, the last part of the interview, where Alan actually says the day and time of the Vanilla Ice show, was cut off mid-sentence. Here's a transcript:

Mohamed Al-Zabidi: What's your show about?

Alan Winston: Well, it's mostly parodies, we've got... Star Wars parodies. Got, um, stop-motion animated Star Wars figures, you know. So it's mostly comedy and skits.

Mohamed: When did you first start?

Alan: Let's see... I started about six and a half years ago. I started in high school, doin' ... projects for, like, English class, and I've been doin' videos pretty much ever since.


Mohamed: How much work does it take for, say, three seconds worth of stop-motion animation?

Alan: For three seconds worth of animation? Three seconds worth of animation, um... can take anywhere from, like, a minute to three hours, depending on what the action is, and what's movin' around, and how many figures there are movin' around. Things like that.

Mohamed: How long does it take to put together one episode, usually?

Alan: (some kind of exhausted noise)... My episodes have run from anywhere between eight and a hundred and twenty minutes, so, um... anywhere from a month to... three days.


Off-camera: So what exactly do you have on the show?

Alan: (rapidly) We've got comedy sketches, comedy, Star Wars parodies, parodies of Men in Black, X-Files, uh..

Mohamed: Vanilla Ice

Alan: Vanilla Ice, yeah.

Mohamed: Was that really Vanilla Ice, or was it...

Alan: No, that was the real thing. It was really Vanilla Ice.


Mohamed: So does your show have characters?

Alan: There's kind of set characters, it's just like..., I'm the host of the show. Jason Pape's my co-host, and he's hyperactive... in real life, too, and -

Mohamed: You know, Jason's not funny at all.

Alan: (shocked) Jason's not funny at all?


Mohamed: So when's the show on?

Alan: The show's on at 8 on Tuesdays and 7:30 on Thursdays... even though... the term's over so it's not going to be on the rest of this term, and since this comes on Thursday, the only thing coming on is the Vanilla Ice interview and concert, at ---

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