This article appeared in an early March issue of the Sentry, South Albany High School's newspaper. It came out as pre-production was beginning for Hamlet. The article was written by Misty Elliott, and is interesting for being the reason why the production crew is called 'Bravado Entertainment'. As the article neared printing, Alan was asked what the name of the crew was. Needing an immediate answer, Alan just told them "Bravado Entertainment", which at the time was attached to the nameless crew more jokingly than anything else. After the article came out, though, the name stuck. The quotes come from an interview Misty did with Alan, though he was kind of surprised at the ones used in the article, since he didn't actually say a lot of them. A good article nonetheless, it also featured a photograph from Matthew Adamson, future husband of then-crewmember Andrea Sample (now Andrea Adamson, of course). Matt was apparently practicing the art of ninja photography that day, surprising Alan as he ran by down the hall one afternoon during lunch and snapping a quick photo. Another of Matt's pictures from that issue, from an article about the track team, featured an interesting coincidence - three then-Bravado Entertainment members were in the photo. It's been included on this page as well. If you can't tell, the three members are Gregg James (far left), Jason Pape (second from the left), and Jackson Haynes (far right). Anyway:

Senior's projects have hollywood element

By Misty Elliott

Sentry Reporter

Every student has sat listening to a boring class presentation, while embarrassed classmates stutter through the usual reports.

That's when Alan Winston comes along. Winston, a senior, provides spice and variety to otherwise mundane class projects. Winston first started making his own videos in the fifth grade. [IT WAS ACTUALLY THE EIGHTH GRADE]. He claims, "My friend came up with the idea. I went with it."

Ever since then, Winston has made class projects and presentations on a camcorder. When producing his videos, Winston involves friends and classmates to add content to his storylines. Winston said that he likes what he does because "it's interesting and provides something new."

So far it has worked out, with "A" projects and impressed teachers. Winston added, "Teachers basically just sit back and enjoy it. It's something different from what they usually see."

Winston isn't quite sure if he wants to pursue a career in video production or claymation, but admitted "It's a possibility." Last semester, in his Graphic Communication class, Winston designed a logo and a brochure for his "Bravado, Inc." productions.

At home, Winston gets a kind of subtle support. He says his parents seem not to mind his hobby, nor the idea of his using the family camcorder. "They actually let me take it out of the house. I don't know if they like it, but they let me."

Of his video productions, Winston said that he "Didn't think it would go as far as it has. I thought it was just an idea, but it just got to be fun to create videos." Even though he enjoys it, he commented that he does it mostly "for class projects and stuff like that." He has yet to do a video professionally for money.

Winston might also be seen at the late night after-game dances where he helps out with the lights and music.

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