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We've produced quite a few commercials over the years for broadcast at KBVR-TV. Trailers, promos for shows, and other, stranger things. Many of these commercials are available to view and download in the multimedia section. Here's the complete list of our shameless commercialism:

  Trailer: Vicious Circle

The latest, and most subtle trailer, it features 'slices' of the screen revealing just the eyes of all of the main characters in the movie, accompanied by only one line. The song is Apollo 440's remix of Morricone's The Man With the Harmonica, and Jack is still mad that Alan used the song in a movie before he could.

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Download the trailer in the multimedia section

  Promo: Production Postcard

This one was part of Warren's first REwind video gauntlet. He got every group to produce a short video introducing themselves and the members of the group. Naturally, Alan broke the rules and produced a two-part promo. In part one, the members of the group are introduced via an eye-opening special effect. The second one... you'll just have to see it.

Download both promos in the multimedia section

  Trailer: Gauntlet 216

A parody of the trailer for AI, this was the most complex trailer to date, and the only one that features footage shot specifically for the it. The nine items from the movie float across the screen, ala the magic words in AI. The last word (bullet) makes Alan's eyes open. One of our most popular trailers.

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Download the trailer in the multimedia section

  Trailer: Junk Squad

Our most popular trailer, this is a fun, funny set of clips from the movie. It kicks into high gear to the sounds of Daft Punk's Digital Love, accompanied by triple splitscreens of each of the members of the squad. Watch out for the crotch closeup...

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  Commercials: Eye Control Technologies

Eye Control Technologies produces hands-free mouse alternatives. Based in Corvallis, they have employed many Bravado castmembers over the years (Jack is the only current one), and a scene in Vicious Circle was shot there. Alan produced two commercials for their website, one starring Jack.

Download the commercials from

  Trailer: Delusions of Grandeur Ep60 - The End part 2

The trailer for the final episode of the show, it's interesting for having been edited to another song entirely, only to have it switched. The new song works much better, and while it's a bit claustrophobic, it gives a pretty good idea of what the last episode was about - Jack pointing guns at people.

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Download the trailer in the multimedia section

  KBVR Commercials: They Dig Us

An extension of the 'Place for People' promos of the year before, this series of commercials featured prominent OSU athletes pitching for KBVR-TV like the OSU Cheerleaders, former football star Ken Simonton, and members of the basketball team. Case produced the spots and Alan edited. They featured pithy slogans like "Cheerleaders dig us." and "Football players like us. You should too."

  KBVR Commercial: Bodyrock

The first (and only) non Pet Shop Boys finale video for The Best of KBVR-TV, this is instead a parody of the Moby video. Basically a bunch of members of Bravado and/or KBVR-TV got in front of the camera and danced. A popular promo, it made its way into episode 48 of Delusions.

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  Trailers: The Jedi part 5

A series of trailers was released to promote The Jedi part 5. One apiece for three of the stars of the movie, the trailers were parodies of the popular 'tone poem' TV spots for Episode 1.

More information about The Jedi part 5
Download the trailers in the multimedia section

  KBVR Commercials: A Place for People

These commercials were produced as an attempt to boost recruitment numbers. Quirky and fun, two of them featured clips from Case Bowman's show that he never got around to editing. In them, he goes around attempting to rub suntan lotion on strangers' backs in the MU Quad. The tagline: "Our station manger will rub lotion on your back." The other commercial featured a clip from The Night is Young, and shots of a freaky-looking Warren. This one's graphic: "Please watch their shows. We fear for our safety."


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