TRT: 1:00:32
Premiere: May 16, 2000
TVR: 9

This one starts with Alan in a meeting with then-station manager James Allen. Alan learns that James is canceling the show, because Alan can never get his crew to show up for shoots. Alan wonders where everyone is, and we see Warren going to get KShawn. Shawn is crumpled in the corner of his dark apartment, despondent over the fact that someone stole his car (yes, Shawn's car really was stolen). Warren and Shawn go on a quest to get his car back. Meanwhile, Alan decides he needs to do something to save the show, and flashes the TV stations number onscreen, asking for people to call in to save the show. The goes goes back and forth between the two storylines, with Shawn and Warren asking Jenn and some inanimate objects where his car is. The episode ends with Alan by the phone, still awaiting a call, and Shawn and Warren giving up and heading home for some nookiee....

Full Credits

2000 Wookling Awards
     ·Best Semi-Nude or Sexually Suggestive Sequence

2000 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Writer - K. Shawn Edgar & Warren Blyth
     ·Blooper of the Year - Warren grabs Jenn's ass


All bizarre but funny condom shots aside, this one isn't really one of my favorites. The original plan was for KShawn and Warren to walk around the town and ask where Shawn's truck was. But that didn't quite happen (we never did find out who stole it or where it went). What they actually did was still pretty funny, though. My segments kind of fall flat - some of the people who called in said I should give up on acting altogether. But overall, the call-in response was pretty positive, and to this day, even though the show is 'retired', we still get distressed calls every time we rerun the episode. Which is pretty funny and satisfying.
-Alan Winston

Shawn and Warren get it on

Alan waiting for a call

Shawn and Warren
interrogate a lamp post

Warren reacts to the
bad news about Shawn's car

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