TRT: 1:38:39
Premiere: Nov 29, 2000
Comedy/Film Festival
TVR: 7

Jack and Erin are back at the station for more investigation, but they are being watched by a creepy stalker with an armful of videotapes. They find agent Waldow missing and Jack immediately knows something is wrong. He sees the stranger, and chases him down, knocking him out by throwing a videotape at him. Assuming he is the source behind Waldow's disappearance, Jack takes him into custody. The stalker turns out to be Ben, and obsessed fan of Jeff Welk's. Jack and Erin confiscate his tapes, and watch them for clues. They contain the movies presented in the final film festival. As they watch, Ben is haunted by a Hellraiser-esque Warren, contacted by his idol Jeff, and, finally, murdered by 'Evil Alan'. Jack and Erin forget about Ben after learning that Waldow has been transferred to San Diego, and head out to a karaoke bar: Full Credits

2002 Wookiee Awards
     ·Episode of the Year
     ·Best Director - Warren Blyth


This was probably the best-produced film festival episode, which makes sense seeing as it was the second to last episode produced. Ben's great, and I wish we could have introduced his character at least a week earlier. Maybe not as good as the first Andrew co-hosted festival, but still a good show.
-Alan Winston

  • Warren ended up shooting a large portion of this episode due to Alan having to take a very sick Erin home about 20 minutes into the shoot.

  • Ben watches from the shadows

    Jack interrogates Ben

    Warren introduces himself to Ben

    Warren haunts Ben

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