While not as many episodes as movies went unfinished, evrey once in a while episodes were shot but never put together. Usually because what the epsiode was presenting was never finished. Anyway, here they are:

  The Stop-Motion Showcase 2


This episode was meant to introduce the Star Wars Stop-Motion Theater part 5. Of course, we never actually got around to finishing that movie during the run of the show, so this episode is kind of useless now. Anyway, in it, Renee gives a good performance as she becomes obsessed with Alan's Episode 1 Obi-Wan action figure and won't let him go. Eventually Clarissa and Mackenzie steal the figure and destroy it. Renee is distraught only momentarily, though, as she forms a new obsession with the Chewbacca figure.

  The Golf Tournament


For some odd reason, this episode was never assembled. KShawn, Alan, and Charles Lind headed out to the par 3 golf course in Corvallis and shot an episode as they played a round. While they initially had permission to shoot the episode, halfway through the round, they were coralled by some other guy who worked there and almost kicked out of the place. Anyway, I can't even remember who won now. I think Charles did by one stroke, with Alan and KShawn tying for second...

  The Second Interactive Call-In


After the moderate success of the first episode, this one was planned for year 2. In it, Alan and KShawn visited Brett Lunceford and his KBVR-FM show The Happy Death Ritual. Much like his TV show Eskaton, it played industrial and goth music. In the episode, Alan tried to entice people to call in by offering the original Delusions of Grandeur compilation tape to a lucky caller, while KShawn and Brett molested Carrie's Barbie dolls. This episode was eventually dropped, as the group produced so much over that summer that there was no need for a rerun episode for most of the year.

  Hamlet MST3K


Originally intended to be the last in the series of MST3K-ized high school movies, Alan and Carrie shot this episode at South Albany High School, where they attended. The episode also featured Mrs. Burt, the teacher that some of the movies were produced for. That of course included Hamlet, the biggest and last high school movie. Once again, with so much new material to show and a growing embarrassment over how bad the high school movies were, this episode was unfortunately shelved.


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