TRT: 6:40
Action/Music Video
TMR: 7

An interpretation of the song by Liquid Tension Experiment, this movie features Dan as a thief of sorts who holds up a couple and steals their bag. This sets of a Run Lola Run - esque chase scene through the alleys of downtown Corvallis. The thief finds what he was looking for in the bag: a mysterious disk. An FBI agent joins the chase. The thief jumps in a car, and the man whose disk was stolen jumps on top to rescue it. And it all comes to a conclusion with a big twist ending.

Full Credits

2002 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Director - Dan Magill
     ·Best Guest Star - Brandon Willis & Shelea Panther
2002 Wookling Awards
     ·Most Underrated Sketch


...We were supposed to film a scene with Alan reading a newspaper, but Alan was late, and my cast was getting restless....
-Dan Magill

This one was fun. Got to do a stunt (dodging Dan's car), though I was actually hoping he'd drive a little faster, and got to play an agent with bright red hair. Neat.
-Alan Winston

Expanded Commentary

  • Alan was late for the shoot, and fearing he wouldn't show, Dan shot some scenes with Zach Kreft-Lama body doubling for Alan. No one's noticed yet.
  • Amazingly enough, nothing else bad really happened, despite the crew running around in front of a post office with guns on the same day as the first football game of the year. And no one got hurt doing the car stunts either.

  • The couple finds the decoy disk

    The thief

    The couple argues

    Brandon rides the thief's car.

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