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One of the most popular and controversial sketches from the show, this series of commercial parodies made fun of the Got Milk? commercials that were running at the time. A forefather of the more recent video gauntlets, Alan assigned the idea to the segment producers on the show, and gave them a week or two to finish it. Warren, Andrew, and KShawn all produced segments. Warren's was weird and artistic, with a white-dressed Warren spitting an egg from his mouth and crying in a corner while covered in mayonnaise. Andrew's was very bloody, with a scientist who accidentally drinks acid needing milk for a cure. And then there was KShawn's... It featured Ryan Meeker as a pervert who 'enjoys' a milk carton, then leaves it on a table for an unsuspecting Shawn to put in his coffee. This was the one that started the second censorship controversy, though that was more a NWMorose story than a Delusions one. Overall this was one of the most memorable, if one of the shortest, sketches on Delusions.

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    1999 Western Colorado Amateur Video Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    1999 Wookiee Awards
         ·Best Writer - Warren Blyth, Andrew Link, & K. Shawn Edgar

    1999 Wookiee Awards
         ·Sketch of the Year
         ·Best Director - Warren Blyth, Andrew Link, & K. Shawn Edgar
         ·Best Guest Star - Ryan Meeker


    ...When the Got Milk? series was suggested I had seen my share of the real commercials but could not think of any one interesting element that unified them. I needed some meaty detail to play off of. So I did some research and realized they all sucked big ass...
    -K. Shawn Edgar

    Expanded Commentary

    Warren doesn't like the mayonnaise

    Ryan, however, does like milk cartons

    Goes great with coffee

    Andrew tries some acid

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