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A group of friends (Jenn, KShawn, Alan, and Warren) all live in the same house and work at KBVR. One night, a magical voice comes to them and charges them with a quest to save KBVR from a group of pantsuited thespians bent of destroying the TV station and stealing its audience! Not only that, but the group learns that they will develop superpowers based on their real-life personalities to aid them in their mission. They discover their powers and band together to become the amazing superhero team known as.... Junk Squad!

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    2002 Wookiee Awards
         ·Sketch of the Year
         ·Best Actor - Alan Winston
         ·Best Writer - Jenn Laharty
         ·Best Guest Star - Sebastian Edgar
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Kim Turpin

    2002 Wookiee Awards
         ·Best Actor - K. Shawn Edgar
         ·Best Actor - Warren Blyth
         ·Best Actor - Jenn Laharty
         ·Best Director - Jenn Laharty
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Shawn Waldow
         ·Blooper of the Year - Warren tackles KShawn
    2002 Wookling Awards
         ·Best Dance Sequence - Alan dances to Delusions of Grandeur


    Yes, The Four Misfits make a witty, stylish squad. And, of course, Automatic & I love anything named after our favorite body part...
    -Automatic Jones & Samantha Sardine

    ...I had a lot of fun just sort of cutting loose in a 'zany' comedic role and overacting as much I possibly could. But, speaking as an editor... This was probably the most headache-inducingly difficult movie I've ever had to edit...
    -Alan Winston

    Well, I gotta say: I hated this movie ... up until I got to put on my costume that is...
    -Warren Blyth

    Expanded Commentary

  • Shawn was injured a few times towards the end of the shoot, falling down a few times under his own power, and getting accidentally tackled by Warren

  • When no one was able to spend the entire day playing the part of the third pantsuited thespian, the group came up with the idea of having one understudy the other, so Dan and Ben were both cast in the role.
  • A few scenes in the movie were shot by the 'second unit' long after the movie had wrapped, including Warren's dream sequence.
  • A lot of lines and shots were missing from the original footage due to being taped over or people not pressing 'record' on the camera, including Alan's closeup in the costume reveal sequence. And you can thank that for the big crotch shot of Alan.
  • A couple of scenes were actually cut from the movie entirely for pacing and so on, including one with Junk Squad celebrating having frozen the Pantsuited Thesbians.

  • Spying on....

    The Pantsuited Thespians

    Shawn gets frozen

    Warren on the toilet.
    A proud moment.

    Jenn plans the attack

    Sabby looks on
    (includes spoilers)

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