Junk Squad is the story of four friends, guided by a mysterious voice from the past. They must band together and find their secret superpowers in order to defeat a nefarious band of pansuited thespians threatening to destroy their college TV station! Winner of 5 2002 Wookiee Awards, Junk Squad is a good laugh and a definite audience favorite!

The funniest "superheroes" you've ever seen! Junk Squad has become one of my favorite amateur comedies and is definitely one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and still laugh out loud. Great job!
-John Simpson, go-ambd.com

DVD Features Include:
  • Commentary from the cast & crew
  • Behind the scenes documentary Junk Squad: A Labor of Love
  • Deleted scenes compilation
  • Promotional trailer
  • Hidden bonus short 'Junk Fighter'
The DVD retails for $10 plus a $4 shipping and handling fee. A limited number of DVDs have been produced, so get your order in now! We can accept credit cards via PayPal, but if you'd rather pay via check email us and we'll figure it out.

The Junk Squad DVD is burned to Apple silver DVD-R compatible with nearly all home DVD players, and all computer DVD players. An official list of compatible player models is available at Apple's site. All original material ã 2002 Junk Productions

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