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Another parody trailer, this time of Mission:Impossible. The backstory is that a copy of the Vanilla Ice episode was stolen back in the day, and then showed up for sale on Ebay through a music store in Washington. Alan and KShawn did some investigation work and figured out most of the pieces of the puzzle, except the identity of the person who got the tape from Corvallis to Washington. Anyway, this trailer was a sort of hyperbolic version of actual events, with Alan and KShawn playing IMF team members, Jeff Bennett as the station manager boss, a Vanilla Ice doll, and Craig Coleman playing the voice of a Barbie doll - the traitor.

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1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Guest Star - Jeff Bennett

1998 Wookling Awards
     ·Best Performance by an Inanimate Object - Barbie


Not a bad movie, but not as inspired as its predecessor, The People vs. Alan Winston. The Vanilla Ice and Barbie doll stuff is still pretty funny, though, with the theft of the Vanilla Ice tape a pretty faded memory, this just doesn't seem as funny as it once did.
-Alan Winston


  • During the taping of the scene where the Vanilla Ice doll falls from the balcony into the camera, Craig Coleman was bruised and cut pretty badly when it hit him right on the forehead.

  • Alan tracks a tape

    Shawn trapped in an elevator

    Vanilla Ice is captured

    Barbie in an unfortunate situation

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