TRT: 15:18
Premiere: Feb 17, 1998
TVR: 10

In this one, Alan and Jason check out the newly-rebuilt OSU Library. They explore all of the strange unexplored corners of the building, and find themselves next to the space-saving movable shelves. Naturally, Jason messes with the contols and nearly smashes Alan inside them. Jason takes over from there finding titles of books he finds funny (NARD Journal, Wood, Tree Nuts, Etc) Beavis and Butt-head style. Finally, Alan and Jason are confronted by an anrgy librarian (KShawn in his Delusions debut), who calls security on them as they run away.

Full Credits

1998 Wookiee Awards
     ·Episode of the Year
     ·Best Writer - K. Shawn Edgar
     ·Best Guest Star - K. Shawn Edgar


This was probably the best of the 'Alan and Jason' episodes from the first year. The library provided some good material, and Shawn's apperance was pretty good. And of course the stunt with the shelves, still one of my favorites.
-Alan Winston

  • Not technically a disaster, but as we shot the scene where KShawn was kicking us out of the library, a crowd actually gathered, thinking that the commotion was for real, and that some kids with a camera were having security called on them. We didn't stick around long enough to find out if security really showed up.

  • Alan and Jason introduce
    the new library

    Alan trapped between
    two moving shelves.

    Shawn makes his debut

    Jason reprograms the shelves

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