TRT: 33:00
Premiere: May 5, 1998
TVR: 3.5

This was the first, well, 'impromptu' episode of the show - until this point, Alan had scripted everything. In the actual episode, Alan walks through the station, meeting castmembers as they went about their business. Dan made his debut, acting paranoid from all the cameras and running out of the station. Jason and Jackson played tug of war with a pair of headphones, with Jackson hurting himself, Carrie once again complained about Jason and how much she wanted to kill him, and Will Black was reintroduced when Alan opens the door to the bathroom to find him sitting on the toilet. Also included was the MST3K version of high school movie Gatsby '93.

Full Credits

1998 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Director - Dan Magill


I guess to me, this one represents the point where I completley gave up on continuity and writing scripts beforehand (certain castmembers on hellbent on creating as much havoc as possible by intentionally screwing up their lines for literally hours at a time, and so on). Turned into a trend that lasted for two years or so, which is kind of unfortunate - the scripted stuff generally turned out better...
-Alan Winston

Dan debuts

Jackson fights for his headphones

Carrie's ready to shoot

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