TRT: 1:38:49
Premiere: Oct 20, 1998
Awards Show
TVR: 19   Top25: #9 (tie)

Over the summer of 1998, Alan came up with an idea an awards show parody. The gag - we stage our own and give ourselves awards for best directors, actors, etc. Awards would be decided by visitors to the webpage who voted in our online poll. And we presented it all Oscars-style in our big season 2 premiere. Guests arrived on the 'red carpet' AKA the KBVR breezeway, being interviewed by Samantha Sardine and Automatic Jones from Northwest Morose (KShawn and Karissa Knurowski). Once inside, highlights included Josh Hadachek accepting his Best Supporting Actor award from Hawaii, Alan and Shawn giving their awards to Andrew, who was shut out despite being the top nominee, Shawn's acceptance speeches, Leo's reappearance on the show, the debuts of people like Warren, Clarissa, and Renee, and Alan's parody of James Cameron's "I'm the king of the world!!!" acceptance speech. After which, the audience threw stuff at Alan until he fell off the stage. One of our most popular episodes, it was originally slated to air for one week, but ended up running three due to popular request.

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    1999 Wookiee Awards
         ·Episode of the Year

    1999 Wookiee Awards
         ·Best Director - Brock Jacks
         ·Best Writer - Alan Winston
         ·Best Guest Star - Sasha Maclaren
         ·Best Guest Star - Jeff Bennett


    This one might still be my favorite of the three awards shows. It's definitely the most simplistic, but I think it might have the most style. There's sort of an irreverence that is kind of missing from the later ones - people actually started caring about who won after this. I'm not a big fan of my hosting job, but given the circumstances, I think I did alright. It's a nice bit of nostalgia.
    -Alan Winston

  • The original host of the show was supposed to be Cory Frye. It turned out he had to work late, and wrote an email to Alan to let him know. The email didn't arrive until twenty minutes after the taping was supposed to start, and by then Alan was already stepping in for Cory and impromptu-hosting the entire show.

  • Alan obviously enjoying
    his hosting gig

    Samantha Sardine and
    Automatic Jones

    Josh in Waikiki

    The 'lost spice girls' debut

    Jeff Bennett, post-show

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