TRT: 2:29:42
Premiere: Oct 26, 1999
Awards Show
TVR: 19   Top25: #9 (tie)

The second Wookiee Awards promised to be twice as big as the first. In a new, larger venue, and with a much higherl level of production value, things were much more planned out. This time, Case Bowman took over the hosting duties, with a monologue full of jokes about Star Wars Episode 1, and Playboy playmate of the year and ex KBVR Newsanchor Jodi Ann Patterson. There were lots of other highlights, including pretaped speeches from Renee and from Jeff and Casey, and lots of semi-nudity, including Renee accepting an award without a shirt on, and Juston running onstage in only his boxers with a drawing of Chewbacca on his stomach. Definitely a good episode, but clocking in at two and a half hours long, with a forty minute pre-show, probably the least popular of the three.

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    2000 Wookling Awards
         ·Best Semi-Nude or Sexually Suggestive Sequence (Renee accepts a Wookiee without a shirt on)

    2000 Wookiee Awards
         ·Episode of the Year
         ·Best Director - Jeff Bennett
         ·Best Writer - Case Bowman
         ·Best Guest Star - Juston Chandler
         ·Best Guest Star - Jessica Haynes
    2000 Wookling Awards
         ·Best Semi-Nude or Sexually Suggestive Sequence (Juston runs onstage in his boxers)


    Well... I don't like it. Okay, it's not that bad. Despite his protests to the contrary, I thought Case did do a really good job hosting. The pre-recorded packages were nicely done, and Juston was very funny as well. But... the change of venue was a big mistake, creating all sorts of horrible technical problems. And the fact that like 12 people showed up made things worse. But at least it was a little more like a real awards show - it dragged on and on...
    -Alan Winston

  • Attempting to move the production next door to the international forum created quite a few problems, most notable of which was the horrible audio hum that was recorded onto the audio signal...

  • Case discusses Playboy

    Alan all pimped out

    Automatic and Samantha
    Do some night train!

    Renee lost her top...

    Juston shows off his Wookiee

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