TRT: 12:48
Premiere: Jan 12, 1998
TVR: 19   Top25: #9 (tie)

Our first episode of 1999, this one opens with the action figures from ep21 in the station wondering where everyone is. Suddenly they get a call - from Jason, who had disappeared back in episode 11. He explains that he got a job at Fox stalking Gillan Anderson as a promotional stunt. Anyway, since Alan's not around, he shares a video of his adventures at his Ag Science student-run Beef Bowl. A homecoming weekend event held in front of the game, it features free beef and rides on the mechanical bull. Jason presented two sequences - the first one centering around the bull, and everyone who attempted to ride it, including Benny Beaver (the school mascot) and the OSU cheerleaders, the other dealing with the vegan protesters who showed up in cow costumes and attempted to keep people from taking the free meat. To cap it all off, Jason plugs the new (at the time) Vanilla Ice album and makes a hasty exit.

Full Credits

1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Guest Star - Benny Beaver and the OSU Cheerleaders

1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Episode of the Year
     ·Best Actor - Jason Pape
     ·Best Director - Jason Pape
     ·Best Writer - Jason Pape


I really enjoy this one, as short as it is. Jason did a really good job, probably his finest work ever. The two beef bowl packages were excellent and made the episode. Unfotunately that took up about 4 minutes, so I had to fill time with something.... Old high school crap, but oh well. A re-edited version without that stuff will be back on the air someday...
-Alan Winston

  • Not technically a disaster, but as Alan was taping everything at the event, he went and got some shots of the cow-suited protesters doing their thing. This apparently angered them, as they followed him around taunting him and taking pictures of him as he worked. Which pretty much led to the angry, offensive, (and very popular) anti-protester piece at the end of the episode. So, Alan's probably in some vegan pamphlet somewhere as a prime example of what's wrong with the world.

  • Benny notices he's being taped

    A cheerleader gives it a try

    Jason shows them how it's done

    Benny about to fall off

    The figures all alone

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