THE END part 1

TRT: 1:01:23
Premiere: Jun 5, 2000
TMR/TVR: 24   Top25: #6 [TMR Top 15: #12]

The cliffhanger season finale for year 3 of the show, this episode wraps up the mystery behind the death of Jason while beginning a whole new series of mysteries to solve in part 2. Alan gathers the cast together to watch a video in tribute to Jason. Carrie appears again, and we learn that she's the one who arranged Jason's death and that the person who actually killed him dresses like the slasher from Dead Air. The slasher repays Carrie's patronage by killing her, and sets to work massacring the cast of the show one by one. The castmembers, convinced that Alan is the killer, break into two groups: one that wants to destroy Alan, and one that just wants to hide until it all blows over. But no one is safe, and by the end of the episode only a redeemed Alan and Clarissa remain. Alan is adamant about confronting the slasher, but Clarissa quits on him and leaves the show. Alan faces the slasher alone, knocking him down and ripping his mask off. Underneath, the face of the killer is exactly the same as Alan's. To be continued.

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  • Watch a clip (Alan meets 'Evil Alan') [ .mov [1.99MB] ]

    2000 Wookiee Awards
         ·Episode of the Year
         ·Best Writer - Alan Winston

    2000 Wookiee Awards
         ·Best Actor - Jeff Welk
         ·Best Actor - Clarissa Filice
         ·Best Guest Star - Jonason Ho
         ·Best Guest Star - Joe Sherlock


    For the amount of time we put into this one, it turned out pretty good. We shot over two weekends, and I edited the movie in about three days. It's sort of the 'ultimate play it by ear' Delusions episode. This one actually had a script, though, as opposed to the majority of the episodes, which were improv. Anyway, this was a nice way to kick of our two-part series finale, and even though it pales in comparison to the pretty much superior-in-every-way sequel, it's still not bad.
    -Alan Winston

  • Alan was producing this episode at the same time as Perfection Isn't Easy. The night before the first shoot for this episode, someone ghosted Alan with LSD while he was taping a scene at the rave in Eugene for Perfection. Alan experienced numerous bad side effects, including migraines, but still managed to complete shooting for the day.
  • Craig Coleman returned to shoot a scene, and once again got a nasty bruise, this time from Paul accidentally breaking our last Darth Vader lightsaber over his head.

  • Juston was going to return to shoot a death scene, but didn't show up. We put Warren in a Chewbacca mask instead.

  • Alan vs. Evil Alan

    Together for the last time

    Jeff, Paul and Jenn
    prepare for battle

    The Slasher breaks out
    a new weapon

    KShawn, Warren and Clarissa
    run from the slasher

    The inflatable sheep
    (includes spoilers)

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