THE END part 2

TRT: 1:50:00
Premiere: Mar 20, 2001
TMR/TVR: 124   Top25: #1

The final episode of the show, and the biggest of them all. With all of the crew dead except Erin, Jack and Casey, the situation is dire. But when both Alan and 'Evil Alan' reappear, all hell breaks loose. The ghosts of the murdered castmembers band together with Erin to help finally put an end to Evil Alan's madness. Over the course of its nearly two-hour running time, this episode manages to make about half a million refences to the earlier episodes (actually, there's around 60 or 70 inside jokes), and parody around 50 movies all at once, especially Labyrinth, Fight Club, Se7en, and The Matrix. Definitely saving the best for last.

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    2002 Wookiee Awards
         ·Episode of the Year
         ·Best Actor - Erin Arbogast
         ·Best Director - Alan Winston
         ·Best Writer - Alan Winston
         ·Best Guest Star - Jonason Ho
         ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - The Matrix Fight Scene
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Case Bowman
         ·Blooper of the Year - Jenn punches Alan in the ass... 13 times
    2002 Wookling Awards
         ·Best Musical Sequence - Magic Moments
         ·Best Dance Sequence - The Kitten Dance
    2001 REwind Movie Awards
         ·Best Comedy
         ·Best Editor - Alan Winston
         ·Festival Selection

    2002 Wookiee Awards
         ·Best Actor - Alan Winston
         ·Best Actor - Jack Jones
         ·Best Actor - Warren Blyth
         ·Best Actor - K. Shawn Edgar
         ·Best Director - Jonason Ho
         ·Best Writer - Dan Magill
         ·Best Writer - Jonason Ho
         ·Best Guest Star - Sebastian Edgar
         ·Best Guest Star - F&C Productions
         ·Best Guest Star - Sean O'Donnell-Field
         ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - Jack shot in the crotch
         ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - Alan vs. Evil Alan Fight Club Face/Off
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Ben Kreger
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Dan Magill
         ·Blooper of the Year - Shawn's 'crotch-light'
    2002 Wookling Awards
         ·Most Bizarre & Uncomfortable Sequence - Warren's crotch-gun
         ·Best Musical Sequence - Wise Up
         ·Best Musical Sequence - Being Boring
         ·Best Dance Sequence - Magic Moments
    2001 REwind Movie Awards
         ·Best Feature
         ·Best Actress - Erin Arbogast
         ·Best Visual Effects


    Honestly, for about the first half of shooting or so, I thought I was creating the biggest bomb I had ever committed to videotape. Things were moving slowly, I thought the story was way too self-referential, and I had no idea how I was going to do the special effects. But slowly as we shot more and more good sequences, and finally as it came together in the editor, I was incredibly pleased with the results. I basically set out to end the show in a way that I would definitely enjoy, if no one else. But it was recieved surprisingly well, better than I had ever imagined. I'm still amazed that I survived all of the work I had to put into it. Nearly killed me I think, and left me burned out for quite a few months. But, that must mean I gave it everything I had, and the fact that this is probably our best work to date is something I can be very proud of.
    -Alan Winston

  • The most heinous of on-set disasters happened on this movie. Someone came into the station during the taping of this episode, found the camera we were using, and stole the tape out of it (not the camera, just the tape). Despite the involvement of the police (who could really have cared less about the situation), and the fact that Jack and Warren saw the likely thieves, the tape was never recovered. Five scenes were shot that day, and all five had to be redone. Goddammit.
  • In the sequence where Erin beats up Jack, Jack sustained a dislocated shoulder, punch in the eye, and a concussion. All within the span of about five minutes. But he still finished the scene.
  • Alan was unable to find a cameraman for the scenes where he had the Fight Club flashback with Evil Alan. Which means that Alan had to shoot all of his complicated splitscreen shots without a cameraman while playing two roles at once....
  • There were so many minor setbacks, cast difficulties, scheduling problems, equipment failures and so on and so on that this movie actually took around four months to complete.
  • Alan's migranes returned once again during the production of this movie, and have now become a hallmark of every successful Bravado production.

  • Amazingly, nothing was dropped or cut out of this movie. In fact, so many people asked to be a part of the show during production that addtional scenes were added. Simon and ODF's scenes come to mind, but I'm sure there's more.
  • Wait, there kind of was something that was cut out. The strange 'Evil Alan' effect where he flashframes around in between lines was actually done to cover up lines that were unneccesary or poorly-delivered. But it worked well in the movie...
  • Just remembered another - there was another KBVR Fairy sequence that was shot, one involving Case stealing KBVR paychecks, but all of the original Fairy footage was on the tape that was stolen. We forgot to reshoot that particular scene when we redid the sequences. The scene with Warren and Jack steppin' hard to Ghost Dog was shot to replace it.

  • A final goodbye

    Erin about to shoot someone

    Evil Alan meets Casey

    Jack and Warren plot

    The ghosts get ready to help Erin

    Alan vs. Evil Alan

    The KBVR Fairy

    Ben obsesses over Jeff

    Warren has a secret

    Jack pointing guns as usual

    Ghost Doggg!!!
    (includes spoilers)

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