TRT: 30:05
Premiere: Nov 16, 2000
TVR: 4

Continuing the story from episode 57, Jack and Erin are still investigating the murders of the original cast of the show. Erin is obsessively screening back episodes of the show, and finally falls asleep in the editor. Jack, meanwhile, has a series of strange encounters in the station. First, in the men's bathroom, Warren's ghost appears behind Jack and mumbles something in Spanish. Then in the hallway, the ghosts of KShawn and Jenn appear momentarily in front of him. Finally, he goes back to the office and his crackpipe for some relief, but the ghost of Jeff Welk appears to him and finally explains to Jack that the ghosts of the old cast are restless and need to have the murders solved. Meanwhile, Erin wakes up in the editor to find a living and breathing Alan. She tries to get him to talk to her, but he stays silent, disappearing when Jack enters. Erin and Jack leave the station for the night with even more questions than when they started.

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2002 Wookiee Awards
     ·Episode of the Year


Continuing a run of really good episodes, this is probably the most underrated of the last four. It showed some good character growth for Jack and Erin's characters, and did a good job of reintroducing the old casmembers and 'Evil Alan'. Probably not as good as the episode that preceeded it, but still not bad.
-Alan Winston

  • This episode had to be almost completely reshot. In between shooting days, Alan left the camera with the tape in it locked in his office. Unfortunately, the current COMM class needed a camera and took that one. More unfortunatley, they didn't take the tape out of the camera. Even more unfortunately, instead of recording from where the tape was stopped, they rewound about a half-hour and recorded a bunch of 'camera training shoots'. And the best part - they left the tape in Alan's mailbox and never told him what happened. Imagine his surprise when he went to edit....

  • The haunted station

    Jeff's ghost returns

    Jack finds a Wookiee mask

    Alan reappears

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