TRT: 2:01:45
Premiere: July 10, 2002
Awards Show
TVR: 1

After two years away, the Wookiee awards were in for some changes. The format of the show was revamped and streamlined: The pre and post show were dropped, and all award presenters produced a video to introduce their category. It all starts with Alan and Evil Alan in the studio, waiting for people to show up. Eventually, three more Alans join them: Alans from Gauntlet 216, Junk Squad, and Karate Pate` 2. The five of them perform an opening number - a big quadruple-splitscreen dance sequnce. Cue the brand new host - Mr. Grabby Hand, Warren's sock puppet friend from the 2000 Wooklings. His insult comic-esque monologue cemented his place as probably the most popular Wookiee host ever. Then, of course, the awards were all handed out, and the higlights were controversial as usual. Jenn presented wearing nothing but two strategically-placed lollipops. Case made a via-video appearace to accept his award, a faux fatwah decrying the corrupt morals of the group. And most controversial was Shawn Waldow's costume and video, both centered around his 'nazi bunny' concept. Other, less-controversial highlights included awards presented by Baliy the pug and Fluffie the bichon, a category introduction shot in Boston with Random Foo Pictures, F&C Productions' Wookling Awards video, and so many other things too numerous to mention. With so many people contributing to this one, it was definitely the biggest, slickest, most entertaining Wookiee show ever!

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    ...a lot of moments I really enjoyed in this show. Jonason finally winning a Wookiee - "I won. And I rule.", the Foo stuff, the dogs, KShawn's and Casey's many segments, the sock puppet, the explosions, and the love. But above all, my favorite moments were the opening and closing segments featuring the five... me's. The moment where all five of them (us?) start dancing is the high point of the show for me. Because I'm egotistical like that and seeing myself overact five times as much is a rare thing. Yeah....
    -Alan Winston

    Expanded Commentary

  • Nothing terribly major went wrong (for once), but the show did start a couple hours late, which made for a slightly more grumpy and groggy audience.
  • Kurt Loyd actually got hit twice by flying Wookiee awards - he wasn't too seriously hurt...
  • The sequence with Dan Magill was made somewhat more complicated by some kind of science fair letting out from the building next door to the station right in the middle of the shoot. You can see some of the projects in the background of his running sequence.

  • Only one piece of the show was cut for time in this one - Alan's acceptance speech after winning for FX/Stunt sequence of the year. The speech was long, interrupted the flow of the show, and he had many other acceptance speeches, so it was cut for time.
  • The ending sequence was originally going to feature a couple of songs, one music video style, and one to go under the credits. Again, with time constraints, the two sequences were combined.

  • Alan and Evil Alan
    Introduce the show

    This year's host:
    Mr. Grabby Hand

    Shawn and Jenn accept an award

    F&C Productions
    presents the Wooklings

    Random Foo Pictures
    present an award

    The big opening dance number

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